Oxygen Skincare

I often get asked what skin care I use. To be honest, I had been in a skincare rut, by rut I mean, not bothering, or using the same old whatever it was I could find in the drawer once the kids had gone to bed. Well, I put my foot down, times have changed my friend! Now I am cleansing, masking and using a serum. I discovered Oxygen Skincare, and how my life has changed. Oxygen has answered all my skin care moans and groans and now I am in a routine with them and loving it.

Before I rave on about each product and tell you how amazing I think they are, I’ll tell you a little bit about Oxygen first. Oxygen is a 100% natural skincare company based in Nelson and the first NZ company to create natural products for teenagers specifically. The main ingredient in the products (also an NZ first & only) is the Organic Hop which usually is known for its use in beer! Oxygen is certified organic, and cruelty-free. Seriously, what more could you want in a skin care brand?

Here is what I am using and how I find it.

Creme Cleanser – I love the fact that this Creme Cleanser isn’t harsh on my skin or too rich for my skin, an all round cleanser for all skin types (and makeup be gone! – it takes that with it when you flannel off!) The best part is it doesn’t leave a residue on the skin after washing so you still get that fresh cleansed feeling, without your skin feeling heavy or too tight. It isn’t often you can find a creme cleanser that feels like this both on the skin and once rinsed off.
Ultimate Serum – This is my new favourite product! Just give the Ultimate Serum a wee shake then pop two drops onto clean hands and then apply to the face in a circular motion – it kind of lathers up like a moisturiser but soon absorbs straight into the skin leaving no heavy residue! This product is awesome for skin toning, pigmentation and scarring, which is something that I have. So quick and easy, I pop it on right before my moisturiser. My favourite part is that it doesn’t leave a residue, that is such a huge priority for me and my skin type.

Blemish gel –
 I love that when I am having a breakout, I can pop the Blemish Gel on throughout the day, over makeup! Being topical, you only need to apply a really thin layer over top of acne/blemish breakouts РI use it before my moisturiser morning & night. A little goes a long way with this product, actually all of the products, which is another important feature I appreciate in a range. This has Manuka honey & Canadian willow herb as the active ingredients Рthese work to fight infections from below the surface, rather than trying to tackle what is on the top. This aids the skin in healing blemishes in as little as 24 hours Рyes that quick!
Refreshing moisturiser – I actually love this Refreshing¬†Moisturiser as a makeup base, I tend to get oily through out the day, but not now, not like I did. Such a smooth hydrating product and so light on your skin it barely feels like you have any moisturiser on, but that doesn’t mean it is short on its delivery at all. Often with skin that gets the odd blemish, skin can also be dry and flaky, it’s a toss up between hydration and oil prevention and this one definitely caters for that need.
Honey Masque – Yum! This smells like it could be eaten! It is UMF 15+ Manuka honey which is a really high active content you can leave this on anywhere from 10 minutes to over night! It drys clear (as per photo) and after around 10-15 minutes it absorbs into the skin so isn’t sticky, just feels slightly tight, but a good tight! This helps with hydration and purification of the skin, also because of the honey it helps to heal any infections which I absolutely love for my blemish prone skin. I love that I can wear it overnight, my skin felt amazing in the morning, I found my make up sits so much better following this Honey Masque, which could be the intense hydration provided.
*Available at Life and Unichem Pharmacies. You can also order online here.