Andrea Roberts; The NZ Woman – Editor

If you asked me which ‘Sex and The City’ character I would be, I really couldn’t tell you. I have seen the questionnaires, filled them out and they always got it wrong by naming me one of them!

Firstly, I am Andrea; by trade, I am a Sales Manager, by 24 hours of the day I am mum/entrepreneur/social-media-extraordinaire/work-a-holic/wine-and-food-enthusiast and a little more obsessed with Instagram than I should be, and I am not trying hard to stop, I’ve only just got started. I’ve decided more recently to write, why? – because I have made myself make more time to do the things I love because I wasn’t before.

I grew up in Marlborough, being a little sun-cray is in my blood. For the past 16 years, I have resided in Christchurch, certainly not the place for someone who likes the beach, but it is where I am – for now. My career started in pharmacy, in cosmetics and after working in Manhattan, New York. I went to University where my passion for management and all things CEO began. After a fantastic opportunity came up for me to leave university and head in Account Management – I wasn’t going to think twice. Fast forward 8 years later I have just left my Regional Sales Manager role and I am now pursuing a career in – ‘Me’!

Andrea Roberts; The NZ Woman – Editor.