Jane Lowe – Guest Speaker

Jane Lowe is the founder of The Yoga Connection. Here she is…

“I’m a lover of yoga and how it’s changed my life so I created The Yoga Connection, a hub for all things yoga in New Zealand. It’s just gone live after a complete overhaul and I’m super proud of it. It’s been a steep learning curve but I’ve loved every minute, particularly the incredible people I’ve met along the way. Not only yoga teachers, wellness educators and students but also the women who are shaking things up with sass and confidence… It’s a joy to support people who are as passionate about what they do as I am and I’m all for shouting it from the rooftops/blog page!

The initial website in 2014 was an addition to what I was doing (freelance writer) and listed only Auckland yoga studios and events. Interest and social content continued to grow and in 2016 I went nationwide and full-time (so full-time!) and my drive is all about keeping the wellness community informed and updated with what’s on offer in the yoga and wellness world.

This new site makes it easier to navigate, there’s more on offer including room for reviewing and sharing favourite products and brands that might be of interest. One of my favourite things has been supporting NZ companies that work organically and ethically.

It’s important to me that TYC reflects and honours the view that yoga is for everybody. I try and reinforce that message all the time on social media and within my own blog. Along with studios, events, course, training’s, a job/notice board there is also YogaTalk, a community blog and I regularly showcase Featured Yogis – teachers or students from all over the country who share what they’re about and what yoga means to them.

I hope more than anything that it’s a welcoming space for anyone (new or seasoned) who is interested in yoga and all it’s associated with. I’m all for keeping it real and the fact I’m not a teacher myself puts me on the same page as those who I practice alongside with. I have the same questions as anybody else and am just as likely to eat toast for breakfast, lunch and dinner as I am kale. (Actually, at the moment, more likely…)

In the time TYC has been running I’ve engaged and met with people from all over the country and many yoga tourists. One of my biggest pleasures is connecting and supporting this community. That living well is becoming the norm rather than not, that sitting with your breath and allowing yourself to ‘be’ is as important in your day as coffee and dark chocolate. I practice yoga regularly because I’ve never felt as good inside and out and, along with age, it’s helped me become a real, more honest version of myself. Finally!

Where do I start with my view of The NZ Woman today?! I look at my 21-year-old daughter and am awed at what her stand is on politics, ethics, health and the environment. I stood in the midst of the Women’s March earlier this year and felt a sense of change in the air. It’s like we’ve found our voice can sound collectively louder and we are not only capable of anything, we should be compensated as such. I believe NZ women will lead the way. In the wellness industry they’re running hugely successful businesses, often more than one, they are ruling social media and their visions are multi-layered – businesses, charities, mental health advocates, environmentalist, health and nutrition experts. I’m surrounded by them!

My favourite quote would be ‘Be kind, be true’ – it’s just my own personal mantra.

I really can’t just name one woman that I admire, I have met so many inspiring yoga teachers and students and women within the wellness industry. Some are incredibly young, others have built enormous businesses and others choose to live a simple life with no bells or whistles. I’m beyond fortunate to have met them and they’re why I believe in what I do.

I would love for TYC to keep growing with the community, to keep spreading the word about the benefits of yoga and meditation, living ethically and sustainably, shopping consciously and that being able to laugh at yourself all makes for a pretty good life.”


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Photo Credit: Jen Ranoult of Clairobscur.

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