Michelle Yandle

Sometimes I feel like I’d been on a diet my entire life!

That’s why I’ve made it my life’s passion to empower women so they can feel physically, emotionally and mentally well without having to diet ever again. I want to be able to gift every woman in New Zealand the ability to listen to and trust their bodies again so that they can eat ‘normally’ and feel amazing.

My name is Michelle Yandle and I am a Nutrition Coach offering 1:1 coaching both online and in person here New Plymouth. I am a speaker and storyteller with the International Indigenous Speakers Bureau, author of three books including my soon to be released title The Empowered Eating Handbook and the official Healthy Inspirations brand ambassador for Bin Inn Retail Group.

Every day in my practice I’m seeing more and more women and young girls who are in turmoil when it comes to dieting and food.  There are more and more people who have been on and off diets their entire lives but still can’t seem to lose the weight. There women who are so scared of certain foods that they are finding it hard to know what to eat at all. There is so much confusion out there as women lose the ability to listen to and trust their own bodies.

So many women do not believe in themselves, maybe they were teased when they were younger, or maybe it’s because of the thousands of messages out there telling us we’re ‘not enough’. Because of this we’re eating because of every reason other than genuine hunger.

It is my mission to teach the women out there who struggle with this that they are more than enough and that they have the ability within them to make the changes they are longing for.

You don’t need that wellness ‘guru’. You know what to do and I can help you make it happen.

I’m here, doing what I love because I have been in their shoes. I grew up in a house surrounded by beautiful intelligent women who hated their bodies. I was taught to hate my own body by the mean kids at school, and sometimes even family members. I grew up shaming myself every time I ate something “bad” and couldn’t stop.  Even after I lost the weight, I didn’t lose the low self-esteem, I thought I would, but it wasn’t until many years later that I was able to regain what I’d lost and help others do the same.

We’re creatures of comparison. We compare ourselves to our friends, to magazine covers and to anyone walking down the street, but we’re not realising that 97% of those people are also doing the same. I’m passionate about teaching young girls in particular that those people they compare themselves on Instagram or magazines are usually photo shopped or filtered and aspiring to look like them is an unachievable goal – because even THEY don’t look like that.

Comparison truly is the thief of joy. My favourite quote in business and my personal life is that “Authenticity hs no competition”.

Instead of comparing now, I realise we’re all in this together. You won’t snuff out your own candle by lighting someone else’s. The less we compare, and the more we fill our lives up with the things that bring us joy, the less we’re going to need food to give us comfort.

I feel so blessed to be here in New Zealand and to me, being a woman here is about getting out and feeling the salt spray on my face and the cool autumn wind, it’s playing in the mountain snow in the morning and sitting in the sun that afternoon. It’s about filling my life up with as much exploration and adventure as possible and by doing so, watching food’s grasp on me continuing to disolve.  New Zealand has so much to offer me as a business woman with incredible support networks and an abundance of natural beauty that I’m in awe of every day!

In my practice and personal life, I value authenticity, and one NZ woman in particular that I admire is Nadia Lim, for so many reasons. She had a goal from a very young age and is accomplishing it tenfold. Nadia is not only talented but she exudes authenticity. She is herself in everything she does despite her level of stardom.  There is a level of sincerity and “real-ness” that I can only hope to replicate if I’m ever in her shoes.

My dream is to be able to spread my message of holistic health and empowerment on a more national and international level.  To know I am inspiring positive change in New Zealand from Cape Reinga to Bluff and setting a standard for the rest of the world would feel me up on unimaginable levels.

You can find more on Michelle’s Website, Facebook and Instagram.