Tatiana Hirovanaa – Guest Speaker

The rise of the millennial NZ woman; making waves from the Pacific, to inspire young adult woman from all walks of life to create their most empowered lives – heart, mind, body & soul. Welcoming Tatiana Hirovanaa: Life Coach, Entrepreneur, Writer, Netballer, Long-haul Flight Attendant & Wellness Warrior. You can find Tatiana her on Facebook and Instagram.

Tatiana Hirovanaa

“Hey, soul sister! I am Tatiana Hirovanaa, and every time I introduce myself there is a temptation to skip straight to the roles & responsibilities I hold as if those are the only true ways to let the world know “this is me”. But beyond the titles and the labels is just Tatiana – a 24yr NZ woman, irrevocably passionate about supporting holistic transformation in people’s lives, inside-out wellness, sisterhood, thriving relationships, soulful living, and ticking off my bucket list one epic adventure at a time.

Turning all those passions into a meaningful trade – which by craft is my job – I am a Lifecoach, Lifestyle Blogger & Girlboss over at the Soul Sister CentreHere, I help women between 18-30yrs overcome self-limiting beliefs, connect with who they are at their core, explore their light, and then choose/create a deeply fulfilling life & career that is based on solid values.

I started my Life coaching business because I want to be a role model of what is possible. Especially for those who feel outcast from popular society in some way, because this has been my experience which I refuse to let define me. From day dot, I am categorically already on the back-foot because I am: A) A woman B) A Pacific Islander C) Working-class D) Young. Nevertheless, I have always carried this profound truth within, that I am equally as worthy as any other person to be successful and lead a fruitful life of impact. Thus it is my vision mission to empower this same truth in the lives of women everywhere.

My confidence was nurtured from a young age when I developed an early aptitude for sport  – which eventually led to me representing New Zealand in Basketball & Athletics, and also playing Netball at top representative levels for Auckland and the National Cook Islands team.

Growing up in team-sport environments taught me a great deal about myself, what’s important in life, and it opened many doors. My love for holistic wellness definitely started from the sporting community where health + fitness was integral, new skills were being constantly learnt, goals are regularly set, and people from all walks of life are brought together to achieve a common goal. In hindsight, I see how much I’ve carried these positive foundations into my present lifestyle, and I am so grateful for the discipline.




I also have a tertiary degree in Theology, majoring in Pastoral Care. After university I did the socially right thing to do by joining the corporate world for a year, only to discover that the 9-5-office life was most definitely not for me. Consequently, I have since promised myself I will never work a job, irrespective of how well earning it is, just to pay bills, count the minutes till the weekend, and settle for a mediocre way of living so far beneath my potential to prosper to the fullest!

Being a Woman in NZ means to me, the liberty to cultivate your passions, choose your paths and create your future – completely on your own terms.

This is a human right robbed widespread from our soul sisters all around the globe, and it pains me to see how much we take our freedom for granted. I know this for a fact because I see + hear the restrictions daily as I travel the world for a living. Indeed, I am also a full-time international Longhaul flight attendant who is paid to explore earth, while simultaneously running an independent business in NZ – a primary example of life designed on my own conditions.

“Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young. But be an example to others in what you say, in the way you live, in your love, your faith, and your purity” 1 Timothy 4:12

In light of that, the cheesy but incredibly sincere answer to one particular woman I admire is Mother Theresa: A devout woman of faith, community leader & advocate for the marginalised! All things I aspire to be remembered for some day… “I alone can’t change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”

Ultimately I want to build an all-inclusive, one-stop resource, wellness hub for young adult women in NZ. I envision a beautiful big building being host to a transformation centre: Soul Sister Centre, which will have all things holistic health:  gym, wholefoods café, business space for events/workshops/lectures, study room for students, beauty salon, creative cultural corner for artists, dance floor, spiritual seminary, and so much more – all under one unified, welcoming roof! The point is to provide a safe place for women to journey & grow together, in all areas heart, mind, body & soul. Eventually, I’d love smaller hubs planted across the country, because why not dream big?”